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Biscuit Barrel F.M.R – China Drum

Wrap me up and seal me in cause I don’t wanna see
The fallen rubble I’m standing in, it all breaks down to me

Have I dug the hole too deep?
I’m down too low, too low to sleep
I threw you down like a piece of shit
But now I find I stand in it

The one to blame, is sitting here
Telling you his awful fears, telling you his awful fears
I drove to town the other day
I hated myself all the way, hated myself all the way
All I wanted was a big stone wall to plow my way through let’s say no
Don’t worry yourself, I’m not that daft, I couldn’t throw down, down
that shaft
I know what I’ve lost, and it’s not my mind, it’s my biscuit barrel true
and kind
Biscuit barrel true and kind

So wrap me up and seal me in cause I don’t wanna see

I’d ask someone close to help but I know it’s down to me
It’s the same old problem, the same old song
You don’t know what you got until what you got is gone
I tried to tell you what I was thinking
I don’t even know myself

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